Christoffel Plantin in Cyberspace

Portrait of Christoffel Plantin

Portrait of Christoffel Plantin painted in the beginning of the 17th century by Pieter Paul Rubens according to a portrait done in Leiden (The Netherlands) in 1584 (iPainting by )

At home: Anno 1584

Christoffel Plantin was sitting at his wooden writing desk and was correcting the very first proofs of the , the monolingual Dutch dictionary of , by candlelight. It was already late and he was tired. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. The printed characters glowed in the dark in front of him. He rubbed harder to dissipate them, but he made it worse. Now they were even bigger, more numurous and more colourful. They took possession of him. His whole body seemed to dissolve into these thin symbolic forms. He felt dizzy. It was as if he was pulled away from his own time.